*Disclaimer: This course is ONLY for you if you're ready to FINALLY stand out.
Own your brand voice. Sell with story. Write loud and clear.
The diy copywriting course that brings more YOU to your brand...
...with copy that's loud, clear, and confident.
Because loud grabs ATTENTION, and clear SELLS. 
(And who doesn't want more crazy sexy confidence?)
FACT: Effective copy requires three things: a strong voice, a clear message, and a compelling story.
Because who wastes their time scrolling through boring copy? It's not a trick question. The answer is NOBODY
And what's the enemy of boring?
 It's a well-crafted STORY.
Here's the scientific reason that STORY works:
Buying is EMOTIONAL, 
and stories are how we FEEL
Yup. Storytelling is how we, as humans, emotionally connect and create meaning. FYI, this isn't NEW. It goes all the way back to the epic of Gilgamesh (ever read that one in school? I DID. #nerdalert). 

So learning how to tell a story is critical to selling in an honest, authentic way. Also, a compelling story is ANYTHING BUT BORING. More conflict, please!

The Copy That! course will teach you how to easily combine narrative structure (a.k.a. "storytelling") with sales psychology to inspire action in your audience and confidence in YOU. And then what happens? SALES! Hellooooo, conversions!
Copy That! is a complete step-by-step program designed by the pros at Your Hot Copy to take (literally) anyone's writing from mayhem to mastery. 
The exclusive modules & bonuses in Copy That! will help you:
Find your voice!
Hey, you're too good to waste another second staring at a blinking cursor. If you've ever wondered "what's my writing voice?" or if you've ever wished you were funny on the page (and not just after two glasses of wine with your girlfriends), then Copy That! is for you. We'll spend an entire week uncovering who you are and all the parts that will transform your writing from "blah" to "bankable."
Write your website.
Copy That! includes our agency's signature templates for every vital page of your website, including your home page, about page, your services and product sales pages, and our proven blog post formula. Don't wander aimlessly. We take out the guesswork by giving you our proven structure that works, time and time again.
Make some bank.
The difference between regular old copy and panty-dropping copy is persuasion. This course covers the mechanics of persuasion, along with our favorite ethical sales tactics that compel people to buy what you're selling. We also cover pro-copywriting tricks, like how to rewrite a page, that allows you to become quicker, smarter, funnier, and more confident with every single thing you publish.
What's Included...
Includes 9 Multimedia Lessons
on story structure, finding your voice, and lots more!
YHC Signature Templates + Worksheets!
The Copy That! Master PDF
Your Copywriting Resource for LIFE
Copy That! is a full-feature 87 page multimedia PDF that includes four modules that help you discover your voice, sharpen your creativity, and tell compelling stories that naturally sell whatever it is you offer. 
Copy That! includes:
  • 4 COPYWRITING MODULES broken up by week covering Voice, Creativity, Story, and Skills. These training modules include over ten years of professional sales and copy experience. It's all here waiting for you, so you can see results in 30-days and skip the rookie mistakes. (Over $249 value!)
  • 9 MULTIMEDIA LESSONS in text, audio, and video because mixing it up keeps you learning (instead of yawning). Each lesson has an assignment or exercise attached to it that will help you with your copywriting goals. (A $249 value!)
  • WEBSITE TEMPLATES + WORKSHEETS! You’ll get the signature Your Hot Copy templates and worksheets for whipping up your website's home page, about page, sales page, services page, and blog posts. (A $699 value!)
A $997 value!
15 Writing Prompts
Custom Fillable PDF
These writing prompts were selected to sharpen your sales writing skills. These "skill drills" complement the modules and help you practice what you’re learning. You'll build your business, brand, and brain at the same time. Like the course, they are also self-paced and yours to keep and use forever.
A $97 value!
Access to the Copy That! Exclusive Facebook Group
24/7/365 Writing Workshop
When you purchase Copy That!, you also receive an invitation to join an exclusive "members only" Facebook Group. You’ll have an entire crew of other business owners who have done the course and are trained to give you the type of feedback you’ll need to thrive. Your instructor Jamie Jensen will also be there for occasional brainstorming, on-the-fly creative questions, and ass-kicking accountability.
Get instant lifetime access to Copy That! for $297.
Copy That! takes the stress out of writing copy and makes it fun and accessible. I was able to settle into my voice, and that really did provide a solid foundation for the other modules. Before this course, I was feeling like I had to use someone else’s awesome sales voice in order to make it in business – be over the top, use profanity, be into pop culture, etc. It was also nice to be held accountable – I was seriously procrastinating!
Jennifer Sterling,
I NOW HAVE CLARITY ABOUT MY STORY + BRAND AND HOW TO EXPRESS BOTH! BOTH writing AND in-person. I actually get what voice is now, and can tell which one I’m using. AND I have a free, magical tool that I can use everyday when I’m stumped. This is the third (copywriting) course I’ve tried and the modules about Voice, Creativity and Story are the bits that are missing from other courses.
Harjit Naghra, Pilates Instructor
Copy That! helped me break out of my writing rut and start feeling enthusiastic about creating blog content. Having prompts was good for motivation, but really I think the worksheets and templates were key. The Story module video blew me away. I couldn’t get over how in depth it was. And Jamie just rules. I love her sass and charm. Most of all, I love that I now have an excellent collection of resources that I can refer to again and again.
Rebecca Santilli,
Ready to get oh-so-clear on why your clients need YOU? 
Master the copywriting secrets that will have your business firing on all cylinders, because you know your brand's voice and can say what you want to. 
Your audience, crew, gang, peeps, tribe, whatever the heck you call' em...
They need your services. They need your expertise. 
They need your strong willed opinions, your sense of humor, and your big full heart.
But first and foremost...
They need to know who you are, 
what you’re about, and how you can help them.
Obtaining lots of loyal followers and solid gold sales takes more than some stranger’s word. It takes effectively and honestly communicating with your audience online. Copy That! teaches you persuasive writing centered from the heart, so that you finally speak (& sell) authentically, every time. 
Because the truth is, every single penny, euro, and dollar bill that rolls into your bank account  starts with words that make people sit up, listen, and give a damn.
Even MORE Praise For Copy That!
"If you can’t afford custom copywriting right now, Copy That! is the next best thing!"
– Sierra Elmore
"Thanks to Copy That!, I now have clarity about my story + brand and how to express this both in writing AND in-person."
- Harjit Naghra
"Copy That! helps you deliver a message in a way that is clear, simple, beautiful, and attractive"
-– Marjeta Kane
"The lessons and feedback, along with Jamie’s expertise, helped me bring a truer voice to my writing."
– Aurora Gil Rodriguez
"The story module video blew me away!"
- Rebecca Santilli
"The Story module helped simplify and break down the steps of building tension in your writing. Now, I’m on my way to creating hot copy!"
"I would like to thank Jamie who made this course available, and helped me connect with my true writing style. Now, I am not afraid to write. Thank you, Jamie!"
– Marjeta Kane
"Copy That! is worth every penny."
– Lynette Brown
"Jamie’s step by step processes and detailed lessons are amazing!"
- Sierra Elmore
Taught by Jamie Jensen
Chief Creative Officer + Founder of Your Hot Copy, B.A. in Storytelling (NYU), M.A. in Producing (USC).
Jamie helps kick-ass business owners (hello, gorgeous!) say what they mean in their own awesome and unique ways. Jamie and the crew at Your Hot Copy have helped over 250 business owners get crystal clear and confident in their online presence with creative and compelling copy. 
Passion is great. But experience is greater.
That's why Jamie doesn't just teach you the hows, she also covers the WHYS. Copy That! includes a comprehensive education, made just for you. She uses her decade of pro word-smithing, Bachelor’s in Storytelling (NYU), Master’s in Producing (USC), and Hollywood work experience (at Fox’s HOUSE, Miramax Films & Lionsgate) to train you to create highly marketable content quickly and confidently. She herself has used the power of the written word to help lucky clients (and herself) increase their sales by as much as 900%, and she wants you to have that same edge. (You know you want some of that!)
DO YOU HAVE ANY Questions?!?
I've Got A's for Your Q's!
But then can we please dot some i's and cross some t's?
Um, I'm a really bad writer. Like REALLY bad. Will this program work for me.
Excellent. My standards for all first drafts are that they are TERRIBLE. We welcome bad writing with open arms here in Copy That!, because writing badly is the ONLY way to start writing beautifully. It’s kinda like mining – you keep chipping away at the dirt until you strike gold. (Also, you’re probably NOT as bad as you think you are. Just saying.)
What happens when I buy the course?
After you click on one of the pretty buttons, you will be sent to a secure order form to submit your payment in full. Once you've completed your payment, you will receive an email welcoming you to Copy That! and to the super exclusive Facebook group. Your welcome email includes the full course.
Is there any opportunities for feedback? 
You'll post your drafts inside the Facebook group for peer feedback (and I've been known to hop in there from time to time, too!). Then you will revise and rewrite until you put the official spitshine on it, and are ready to share it with others/on your website/etc. 
What if I buy this and then panic and change my mind?
Unfortunately, since this course comes via two downloadable PDFs (and once you have ‘em, they’re yours for LIFE), I can’t honor any refunds after purchase. But there's good news! If you decide you’re not ready to start quite yet, you can always hold onto the course and start at a later date. The Facebook group is active year round, meaning we'll be there whenever you're ready.
My life can get crazy sometimes. Will I get behind if something comes up?
Nope! You'll work through each module at your pace. All writing prompts complement each lesson as you go through it -- so even if you take a few weeks off (or longer), you'll be able to start "write" up when you return. 
Do you offer any kind of payment plan?
At this time, we are not offering payment plans. If you have an extenuating circumstance, and would like to request consideration for a payment plan, email [email protected] and tell us why.
Bring all of your personality to your business.
And finally, have your hard work pay off!
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