Write your client-attracting website in 12 easy steps.

I know, I know.

Writing is a b*tch. 

Especially writing to SELL. 

Ugh, who likes it?! 

You spend hours & hours staring at the blinking cursor, asking yourself “can’t this copy just write itself?”... (it can’t)

You endlessly revise the copy you’d started over and over again… never wanting it to see the light of day because you know it’s not good enough...

And then, when you finally DO deliver it to your designer and/or put it on a live site…



You’re left in the exact same position you’re in now:

Wanting a website that communicates YOU, what you’re about, why you’re awesome, and why everyone should follow and hire you (OBVI).

And you’re starting to wonder if maybe you’re too focused on the SILENCE, thinking you just need to slow down and be patient. Maybe waiting is the answer. Spoiler: it’s not.

Truth bomb: Your efforts thus far haven’t helped you achieve more subscribers or dream clients. So, in order to change that, you’ve gotta make a change.

The fact is: whether you’re writing your first website OR you’re stuck with a self-written (or even professionally written website) that’s NOT WORKING FOR YOU, the solution is the same.

better copy.


Copy is the glue that makes
clients stick to you.

Copy tells your potential clients EVERYTHING they need to know in order to fall in love with you, swoon over you, stalk you for a year (or longer), and spend all their hard-earned dollars on your support and expertise. 

And when your website 

has COPY that’s…

  • Strategic A F
  • Emotionally compelling
  •  True to YOU

… then TRAFFIC transforms into a TRIBE and CASUAL PAGE-CREEPERS become CLIENTS.

Imagine having website copy that sounds like you, AND sells… without any sleazy bullshit.

What would happen? Let me ask my crystal ball...

  • ​You’d gather a list that loves you, refers you, and buys from you (hello, full client roster)
  •  You’d sell out your retreats, programs, and offers easily (waitlist, anyone?)
  •  You’d get to be picky AF about who you work with, because you’re in DEMAND baby (!!!)
  •  You’d be clear on your brand and story, which makes writing EVERYTHING for your business just easier… blogs, social media posts (you name it, you’ll love writing it!)

And, not only is this possible, but I created a course to help you accomplish all of this (and then some).

Say hello to...

A 12-step course for creating website copy that connects, compels, and converts your page creepers into clients.

Say hello to...

A 12-step course for creating website copy that connects, compels, and converts your page creepers into clients.

Oh hi!

In case we’re new friends, let me introduce myself. My name is Jamie Jensen and I’m a writer, entrepreneur, and educator. My mission is helping other creative entrepreneurs and healers share their story, spread their message, and express themselves boldly and bravely.

In short, I help heart-centered business leaders do writing better with innovative & authentic story-based marketing strategies -- yielding them a more powerful brand presence, a streamlined business experience, and the freedom to be more of themselves in their work and in the world. 

And that all starts… with your website copy.

For the past 4+ years, I’ve worked as a conversion copywriter and CEO. After just 6 months in business full-time, my services became SO in demand that I was forced to build and scale a copywriting agency (formerly Your Hot Copy) to keep up with all the client work that came our way. Since then, our sales grew 50% each year for 4 straight years, and I trained over 20 writers to write high-performing copy for our clients. 

We helped hundreds of entrepreneurs birth highly referable brands and close multiple 6 and 7-figure launches, earning over $3 million online in 2017 alone.

And while I loved training writers and teaching -- running an agency wasn’t for me. 

The reason? In taking on the role of CEO, I wasn’t fully aligned with my mission of unleashing unique genius into the world. As a writer, I wasn’t fully operating in my unique genius. But, I am still hopelessly devoted to helping entrepreneurs with BIG missions and HUGE hearts share their message.

So I took my course Copy That! and revamped it to include everything I taught my agency writers to help them create million dollar results for our clients.

The thing is... spreading a big message takes more than passion and done-for-you copy.

It takes damn good writing. 

Consistently damn good writing.

It takes a PLATFORM and BRAND that stands for something.

I designed my course Copy That! to help those who are just as passionate as I am about their mission, but need more support with the writing piece. You see, I believe that ALL entrepreneurs and creatives deserve great website copy. But, I also believe that becoming a strong, solid writer is just as imperative to spreading your mission and message.



It’s actually simple to learn, easy to do, and feels really good when you’re focused on things like connection, service, and telling a damn good story.

COPY THAT! covers everything about writing effective website copy, and becoming a solid writer for the long-haul too.

Maybe you’re thinking… “YEAH, OK, but I’m STILL not sure that another course or program can help me.” 

After all, you’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you ZERO results. 

And this is where your desire to protect yourself is in the right place, but your thinking is actually wrong… 

Here’s how Copy That! is different from other courses.

  • ​It will give you templates you can use to write your swoon-worthy copy pages in 30 MINUTES or less, for a fraction of what it costs to hire a copywriter.
  •  It will help you improve your writing skills for the long-term so everything you write feels easy, and SELLS, for the long-haul of your business.
  •  It will give you clarity on your VOICE so you’ll attract even more fans & followers, forever.
  •  It will teach you how to plan before you sit down to write so you can develop a time-efficient writing process.
  •  It will provide lifetime access to 12 no-fluff audio modules so you can listen & learn from anywhere and timeless templates that you can use and reuse forever, as your business evolves over time.

“Copy That is worth every penny. It encouraged me to think like a storyteller. Without really realising what was happening I began writing little stories. In a world of so many online courses to choose from, that makes Copy That stand out over all the others.”

– Lynette Brown

In Copy That!, you’ll learn how to...


Because those writing skills matter. I’ll hand you the keys to making writing as easy as napping (and just as nourishing too).



...so you’re connecting deeply with your ideal clients and customers, and writing to swoon them so they love you extra hard!

with words

After all, all of this writing-for-business ultimately comes down to CONVERSIONS (i.e. sales). I’ll show you just how sleaze-free it can be.


I’m not here to teach you how to pull a rabbit out of a hat. Or do card tricks.

I AM here to teach how to write authentically, map out your copy and think strategically, so that writing copy becomes as easy as breathing. (Don’t hold your breath on this offer, tho.)

“Through this course, I was able to really flesh out those random thoughts and ideas floating around in my head and get them into my business copy.”

“I took Copy That because I was feeling stuck on writing copy and moving forward with my business. It got me to take action and make time to work on my website and my writing in general. I recommend it, because you get small steps to achieve a larger goal, rather than trying to sit down to write everything in one day. I was also surprised that I already knew what to include and write, at least in part. Through this course, I was able to really flesh out those random thoughts and ideas floating around in my head and get them into my business copy. I like that it was focused on one specific page but information and examples for others were provided. I’m able to take the knowledge gained from working on one page to help me on all my business copy.”

Tazim Damji

“I was able to create an “about me” page that sounded like me.”

“Copy That is a great course for any entrepreneur looking to improve their writing skills and get more comfortable with writing. Jamie takes the stress out of writing copy and makes it fun and accessible. With this course, I was able to create an “about me” page that sounded like me. I was surprised at how quickly I was able to settle into my voice and that really did provide a solid foundation for the other modules. Before this course, I was feeling like I had to use someone else’s awesome sales voice in order to make it in business - be over the top, use profanity, be into pop culture, etc. With Copy That, I was able to settle into my voice quite quickly and write copy that I thought was decent. It was also nice to be held accountable - I was seriously procrastinating!”

– Jennifer Sterling

Tell me more, tell me more…

About the content INSIDE!

Uh huh…. Uh huh…

Here’s what we’ll cover in Copy That!...


Voice is the soul of writing. It’s YOU on paper. In a brand. On a page. How do you zero in on YOUR voice? I’ll walk you through it. 


Want to create an emotional response in your audience and demonstrate the impact you can have on their life? This is what having a clearly defined story will do for you. Let’s do it.


Business without innovation is like a car without gas. It might be scientifically well-built, but it’s missing the thing it needs to really propel itself forward. In this module, I’ll help you identify your creative blocks and take action to support your own innovation.


You can’t communicate with anyone you’re not connected with. All powerful communication begins with this step. I’ll show you what this means for copy and how to do it authentically, honestly, and efficiently.


Fact: People buy because they want to FEEL a certain way. Maybe you want this course so you can feel confident, efficient, or skilled. What do YOUR customers want to feel and how do we create that in copy? I’ll walk you through building an experience with WORDS so those emotions get lit up like a Christmas tree.


Hey, it’s hard to sell a brand or offer that doesn’t have a name or tagline. In this module, I’ll give you my favorite, most time-efficient method for coming up with a badass name and tagline that works like a charm every time.


All business comes down to relationships. Boiled down, copy is nothing more than a conversation that develops the relationship. I’ll give you my favorite exercise for making sure the conversation you’re having covers the right ground.


This is always what you’re really selling: VISION. I’ll give you some easy-to-follow hacks that will help you conjure up a fully fleshed out VISION in your copy that inspires your client to buy.


Because most potential buyers need to see some proof before shelling out their hard-earned cash. I’ll teach you how to gather and shape “evidence” so it’s compelling, authentic, and about more than the flashy & splashy.


How do you write an effective home page that says it all without boring your visitor to tears? I’ll walk you through my template so it makes great sense.


Tell your story in a way that’s totally relevant to your audience with my favorite easy-to-follow template.


Choose the kind of work-with-me page you’d love to have and then, let the template do the rest.

Here’s what you’ll get...


(20 minutes or less) so you can listen while you’re cleaning, walking, driving, or any other time you like to throw on some headphones and get down. ($1200 value)


to really nail down the lessons and help you execute the strategy you’re learning. I can’t do the work for you, but I can make it as clear and fun as possible. ($900 value)


in Google Doc so you can easily copy, paste, and tweak without ever dealing with the headache of starting from scratch! Homepage, About Page, Work-With-Me Page, 404 Page, & Contact Page Included. ($1000 value)


- YES! You will have this course for the length of your business, allowing you to use it as you like, when you like. No waiting for modules week-to-week. You can binge, skip around, or cut right to the templates if it makes you happy. ($1000 value)




 (or just three payments of $197)


“Copy That helped me break out of my writing rut and start feeling enthusiastic about creating blog content.”

“Having prompts to keep me accountable was good for motivation, as were the worksheets and templates! I felt inspired, it was (finally) easy to get pumped about a topic and then the words started to flow. I really enjoyed the modules on Creativity- because it made me feel supported-- like hey my creativity is there, the ideas are there and now I can use these ways to execute them! I totally related to so many of those examples. The Story module blew me away. And Jamie just rules. Most of all, I love that I now have an excellent collection of Copy That resources that I can refer back to again and again. And I also love Jamie’s sass and charm. ;)”

– Rebecca Santilli

“This whole course is brilliant and how you have brilliantly explained everything I’m no longer completely freaking out about copy!”

“Jamie, Jamie, Jamie Jensen - you are miraculous! I cannot believe how much I have learnt, and I have taken other copy courses in the past. Fabulous work, so well explained along every step. I actually think I can do this now!! YOU’RE A STAR!!! I have also been going through the bonus content and WOW!! You have officially saved my copy life! This whole course is brilliant and how you have brilliantly explained everything I’m no longer completely freaking out about copy! Ching ching to you girl! The content is brilliant! LOVE YOUR WORK!”

– liz merkus

“I got so much clarity on my business as a whole from this course, and feel like I got so much more than improved copywriting skills.”

“Copy That helped me realize that the reason I was so stuck on my copy was that I hadn’t yet fleshed out who my ideal client was. After that realization hit me, I got to work to figure out who my dream client was - as well as who it was I didn’t want to serve. From there, the writing prompts and copy became so much easier. I got so much clarity on my business as a whole from this course, and feel like I got so much more than improved copywriting skills. Copy That made my copy compelling in a way that will convert, while still sounding like me. Thank you Jamie!”

– Melissa Sutton

Here’s what happens after you clickety-click that magical button!

  • ​You’ll be taken to a page with TWO payment options: either $497 pay-in-full OR $197 per month for 3 months! 
  •  You’ll choose your adventure with any major credit card to complete your enrollment. Rawr!
  •  Right after you pay, you’ll get a confirmation email with all of your fancy membership deets (where to go, how to log in, where to find your copy goodies). Hello immediate access to my treasure trove of copy goodness! Ooh la la! 
  •  You’ll learn, tweak, plug, play and PROFIT. Plus, you’ll have a damn good time.

Quick refresh…

You’re about to own…

So you could pay a professional copywriter like me $5,000+ to write all of this for you. (And then again as your business evolves and expands.)

But how much better would it be to just have it ALL and quickly customize it for yourself for just $497?

People love to ask these 6 questions...

“If you can't afford custom copywriting right now, trust me - Copy That is the next best thing.”

“My DIY copy just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I needed to learn the tools and methods of professional copywriting so I could create copy that converts and gets new clients. Jamie’s step-by-step processes and detailed lessons were amazing! She makes writing copy easy and fun. I love the writing cheat sheets included in the course. I can reference these over and over again when I’m stuck on writing about what works when it comes to copy. The words you choose have an important impact on your clients, subscribers, and readers. If you can’t afford custom copywriting right now, trust me - Copy That is the next best thing.”

– Sierra Elmore

“Copy That is amazing because I now feel so much more at ease with the notion of ‘sales’ copy - it has given me exactly the tools (how to) and the confidence I need to create well-written pages that convert - for any new product or service I'll create!”

“I took Copy That because I was specifically looking for bad-ass copywriting help! Sales language somehow feels a bit ‘yuck’ to me and I couldn’t seem to find my confidence on the page, even though I absolutely believe in the product I’m offering. Copy That is amazing because I now feel so much more at ease with the notion of ‘sales’ copy - it has given me exactly the tools (how to) and the confidence I need to create well-written pages that convert - for any new product or service I’ll create!

And what’s not to like about the course itself? I love the way the themes are presented. I love the assignments. I love how the course flows from theory to amazing result. I love the way the group gets to interact and support each other. I believe Copy That gives incredible value to people; they leave with a finished result and they have a guideline for their future copywriting. Plus: confidence. That is worth xx-loads of money :) Also, I love Jamie :) She's such a breath of fresh air in the online community, totally rocking her own style and doing it with authenticity and conviction. So working with her throughout the course is just sheer fun.”

– Kathleen Saelens


Jamie Jensen is an award-winning screenwriter, conversion copywriter, online marketing strategist, and the creator of Story School. Over the last 5 years, she’s helped over 500 entrepreneurs increase their sales by up to 900% with the power of effective storytelling. Prior to helping business leaders connect deeply with their audiences through copy, video, and talks, Jamie worked in story development in Hollywood, assisting writers in both film & television. Jamie is the co-director and executive producer of the feature film “Hannah Has a Ho-Phase,” which won her the “Best Feature Writer” award at La Femme Film Festival in 2013, and she most recently completed her 9th feature-length screenplay. 

Jamie divides her time between New York City and Los Angeles. When she’s not writing or helping clients with their business, creative process, voice, or story, you can find Jamie drenched in sweat from yoga or dance class, cracking inappropriate jokes, or curled up on the couch watching movies on repeat (#obsessed).